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Aled Thomas Hoof Trimming

We offer a cattle hoof trimming service predominantely covering the whole of South, West and Mid Wales but do and will travel further. We cater for whole herds, lame cows and bulls using hydraulic rollover crushes which are designed to efficiently and safely hold cows to minimise stress to the animal.

Cattle trimming service for Wales & UK

We offer routine, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly cattle foot trimming service, depending on the needs of your cattle. Aled appreciates that each customer is different and some may not need regular visits.

The welfare of the cattle and their comfort are a key consideration for Aled. He operates a special rollover crush specifically designed for cattle foot trimming. Minimal stress is caused to the animal due to both Aleds professionalism and the custom features of the rollover crush.

Cattle hoof trimming service in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire, Powys and along the M4 corridor.

Aled has three Hydraulic rollover crushes two of which have a large rubber strap which supports under the cow as it is turned over and one crush which has the new squeeze system. All three crushes are able to turn cattle onto their sides within 10-12 seconds to minimise stress and then all four feet are individually strapped in for safety and comfort. All crushes come with their own race system which can either be added on to a current race on the farm or can be set up into pens to make handling easier.

Cattle foot trimming is essential precautionary work to prevent lameness and is the most effective way to combat any foot problem.

Contact Details

Tynywaun Farm,

Tel: 07812 241367