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Aled Thomas Cattle Hoof Trimming Ltd was set up back in 2003 by Aled who now has over 10 years experience with trimming cows feet. With a dairy farming background and running his own dairy herd on his family farm Aled is used to handling cattle in a calm and efficient manner.

Aled has three specially designed cattle hydraulic rollover crushes which can cope with individual bulls or entire herds of beef or dairy cattle quicker than you might expect.

Naturally, being a cattle hoof trimmer, Aled is fully insured to handle and work with your cattle.

You can trust Aled Thomas cattle hoof trimming Ltd

Individual cattle or whole herds undertaken.

Beef or dairy foot trimming.

Routine, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits.

More regular visits on request.

Custom made roll over crushes for animal comfort.

Contact Details

Tynywaun Farm,

Tel: 07812 241367